Dispute Resolution – Legal Consultancy

Dispute Resolution – Legal Consultancy

  • Are you experiencing a legal dispute?
  • Do you want to understand your legal position?
  • Understand your legal rights and next steps to take.
  • Examples include: fee disputes, status issues, restriction clauses, termination clauses, breach of contract, late payment, etc.
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Are you caught in a legal dispute with your client, contractor or agency?

This service is designed to explore all the contractual terms, further communications and facts to ascertain the rights of each party in a dispute. Recommendations are then made for next steps to resolve, ideally without the need for costly litigation.

Further negotiation can be offered with the third party and legal letters can be drafted to help bring matters to a smooth close, hopefully avoiding the need for litigation.


Problem understanding
All documentation and facts surrounding the legal dispute are ascertained and considered in the context of the contract terms and contract law.
Options and recommendations
Possible options are explained and the relative chances of success and likely cost.
Resolve not litigate
The focus is on resolving the situation, removing the need to either litigate or defend litigation against your company.
Peace of mind
Understand your legal position and use it to enforce or defend your legal rights.