IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained

Ensure engagements stay IR35 compliant. Comprehensive and cost-effective advice to mitigate the impact of Off-Payroll. Essential guidance to help retain and attract critical contracting talent.

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About the Book

Whether you’re a contractor, a firm that hires contractors or a recruitment agency, IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained gives you the expert knowledge to stay compliant, reduce tax risk, and successfully defend against any HMRC investigation.

IR35 has traditionally meant a costly compliance burden for contractors, and significant tax hits for those unfortunate enough to fall within its poorly defined boundaries. Since April 2021, private sector firms and recruiters bear the brunt of the Off-Payroll legislation, which shifts the compliance burden and tax liabilities onto them.

The threat to the contracting supply chain has never been greater, but with this book, you’ll have all you need to navigate this cumbersome legislation.

IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained

Included in your complete guide

Understanding IR35

An essential guide for hirers, agencies and contractors.

Staying compliant

Necessary processes to ensure compliance with the legislation.

HMRC investigations

Key steps to prepare for, and protect against, the taxman.

Navigating the rules

Achieve Off-Payroll compliance while reducing its impact on you.

IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained

About the Author

IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained

Dave Chaplin has had his finger on the pulse of IR35 since it was first mooted in November 1999. A former IT contractor in the City of London, Dave is the founder of, the UK’s leading resource for contractors and freelancers.

His comprehensive knowledge of IR35 has seen Dave consult with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), National Audit Office (NAO), HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs on the future of IR35 and on tax simplification.

Dave has also pooled his expertise into numerous products to help parties assess and minimise their IR35 risk. This includes his firm’s market-leading product, IR35 Shield, a comprehensive and insurable compliance solution for businesses, agencies and contractors.