Why use us?

At the cutting-edge of employment status case law

IR35 case law has moved on considerably in the last decade. Barristers and armies of lawyers are now involved.

Co-defending IR35 investigations and assisting in IR35 tax tribunals means IR35 Shield is at the cutting-edge of employment status case law. This, combined with our extensive experience, means IR35 Shield is always up-to-date, informing our inbuilt compliance tools to help ensure our clients don’t get caught up in any unnecessary litigation by HMRC.

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Keeping you protected

Keeping you protected

IR35 compliance needn’t be a burden. With IR35 Shield you’ll get an accurate IR35 assessment for all of your contractors’ in minutes, underpinned by the very latest employment status case law. We have also partnered with specialist tax underwriters to give you comfort where further cover is desired.

Our comprehensive assessment tool delivers virtually instant IR35 Status Determination Statements. IR35 Shield’s automated algorithm carefully analyses each answer to deliver accurate and consistent IR35 status evaluations without bias or human error.

Our Monitoring technology keeps track of your contractor’s IR35 status and automatically alerts you to material changes to status as and when they happen, catching any costly problems early.

IR35 Academy

IR35 training. Tailored to your business, easy for your team.

We make IR35 easy to understand, so your team can be confident and your business compliant. Reduce business risk with a tailored IR35 training course created by our experts. Find out more

Collaborate to avoid disputes

Collaborate to avoid disputes

Our unique Collaborative Assessments technology means that we are far more than just an automated tool. By giving oversight and ownership of the assessment to the whole supply chain, we ensure that all parties provide the information most relevant to them. With everyone safe in the knowledge that their contribution is accurate, many potential disputes are dealt with before they even arise.

Keeping you compliant

Keeping you compliant

Agencies and hirers in both the public and private sector must now ensure they accurately assess their contractors IR35 status otherwise they could face significant fines, penalties and interest for each contractor caught by the legislation, posing considerable risk.

Our solution was developed by industry experts with extensive knowledge of employment case law and software development expertise. IR35 Shield’s Status Determination Statements offer a comprehensive level of detail, proving due diligence has been conducted and keeping risk of non-compliance to an absolute minimum.

Keeping you competitive

Keeping you competitive

End clients, consultancies, agencies and accountancy firms all stand to benefit from IR35 Shield. As we move into an unknown, post-covid employment market, any business that can engage contractors compliantly will maintain a competitive edge.

And with many contractors facing the distinct possibility of being forced onto a company’s payroll, accountants and tax advisors can now provide added value compliance services to their clients needing help with IR35 compliance.

Business benefits summary

Confidence in the accuracy of your determinations

Reduced liability risk and greater compliance

Significantly reduced workload for your back office

A competitive edge in the market

over 150,000 assessments

Using our assessment technology

over 20 years

Over 20 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of IR35

since 2009

Built in 2009 and expertly refined to align with current IR35 case law