Put your mind at rest with watertight IR35 contracts

Ambiguous clauses and contracts drafted without IR35 expertise can leave your organisation vulnerable. Our specialised IR35 contracts will help protect your business and further ensure your compliance.

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IR35 certainty begins with your contracts

Contract Reviews: Rest easy in the knowledge that your existing contracts have been reviewed in detail by IR35 specialists with decades of experience. Our experts leave no stone unturned, giving you the security you need to protect your business.

Template Contract packs: Our expert-written contract packs check all the boxes so you can engage contractors worry-free. We provide complete template contract packs with free licenses for hiring businesses of all sizes.

Have confidence in your contracts

Have confidence in your contracts

The contract is the fundamental starting point when assessing IR35 status, and unambiguous clauses cannot be overridden by any working conditions, particularly after the Court of Appeal rulings in April 2022. Have your contracts been given the attention they need?

Tribunal standard

Our firm is actively involved in defending tax payers in IR35 matters, all the way to tax tribunal.

We operate to a tribunal standard and understand the latest arguments used by HMRC, many of which are not in the public domain.

Robust analysis

Our analysis of your contracts is done in conjunction with an understanding of your business, to ensure contractual terms are aligned with reality.

A comprehensive analysis will highlight all the strengths and weaknesses of the existing clauses, and also indicate potential contractual holes where the contract is silent on key issues.

Latest case law

Our proven experience successfully defending enquiries from inception to tax tribunal means our contracts incorporate the latest IR35 case law.

All parties in a chain can now easily have robust, IR35 compliant contracts.

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In a complex world with ever-changing requirements, IR35 Shield's contract reviews mean we can rest assured they meet the highest standards. Their diligence removes our concern so we can direct energy into our core business.

Ross Barnard

Chief Talent Officer - Kerv

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Have you used HMRC's CEST tool?

Don't put your business at risk.

If you've used HMRC's CEST tool to determine an Outside IR35 status, flaws in the tool may put you at risk of not adhering to reasonable care. Use our simple checker tool to find out if you're affected.

Check your CEST IR35 result free

Get a definitive result every time with our IR35 status tools

We lead the way with technology, introducing the first IR35 status tool in 2009. Our technological innovations make its level of detail unparalleled, and you can trust our tool to accurately determine IR35 status each and every time. We ensure our tools are always up to date by attending all the tribunals and following the latest IR35 cases.

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We know the details so you don't have to

We keep our finger on the pulse of IR35. You can trust our advice and guidance is always up to date.

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