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Monitor from just £225 a month

The Monitor plan includes everything in the Assess plan plus a set of innovative features which deliver everything you need to implement the full IR35 compliance process.

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Automatically check status and gather evidence

The Monitor plan includes our innovative Monitoring technology which keeps you safe and reduces risk by alerting IR35 status problems early. Featuring automated regular checking and evidence gathering to support the original status determination.

Monitoring - Explainer Video
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All assessments included with your plan

No need to count your assessments - all the assessments you need are included with the Monitor plan.

If your business grows, don't worry - our plans will grow with you as you scale.

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Role-based assessments

With IR35 Shield you can perform individual or role-based assessments, involve the entire supply chain using Collaborative Assessments.

Collaborative Assessments overview
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Reduce risk by early detection

A single assessment may not be enough to satisfy reasonable care, which requires checking existing individual status determinations to ensure they remain valid. Our Monitoring technology reduces your tax risk by detecting and alerting you to any material changes of status.

Monitoring - Early Detection
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Comprehensive Status Determination Statements

Our 25+ page comprehensive Status Determination Statement is instantly available and contains full reasons for the determination, satisfying reasonable care.

IR35 Shield has already successfully defended our clients in HMRC Off-payroll investigations, highlighting the reliability of our assessments.

100% certain determinations
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Stay compliant with full confidence

IR35 Shield is powered by our expert assessment technology, built in 2009 and expertly refined along-side ever-changing UK IR35 case law. Our assessments deliver the same status as the judges rulings on all IR35 cases, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

IR35 Shield assessment explorer
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Automated regular checks

Reasonable care requires making a new status determination if material changes occur during the engagement. Monitoring provides fast, accurate and automated status checks, without any additional administrative burden.

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Evidence supporting the determination

Tax tribunals make decisions based on evidence, which includes circumstances that materialise during the performance of the contract. We'll gather this for you now, to save you the problem of searching for it many years later.

Evidence Gathering
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Monitoring data

All data gathered during the monitoring process is saved for immediate or future retrieval. This comprises a Monitoring Report, Status Determination Statements, and all supporting evidence.

  • Monitoring Report

    Contains data collated during each status check plus references to all supporting evidence.
  • Status Determination Statements (SDS)

    The original SDS plus each monthly status check.
  • Evidence

    Additional supporting files uploaded by the contractor are available, alongside copies of contractual paperwork.
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Meeting reasonable care
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Resolving disputes

Upon receiving the SDS, the contractor can raise a dispute and provide their reasons automatically notifying all parties. After consideration, a re-assessment can be issued, or the dispute can be rejected with reasons provided.

Disute teamwork
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The Manager bolt-on

The perfect solution for agencies, law firms and accountancies. Add the Manager bolt-on and you can offer an outsourced IR35 compliance service for your clients. Supplement IR35 Shield with your own industry expertise to deliver the perfect solution.

The Manager bolt-on enhances the functionality of the Assess and Monitor plans by allowing your business to manage the IR35 compliance process of multiple clients.

On behalf of all your clients you can regularly check status and gather evidence (with Monitor plan only), manage assessments and generate reports to deliver the full compliance solution.

  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • Manage clients' IR35 assessments
  • Offer outsourced IR35 compliance services
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Real People. Real Results.

Join the thousands of people using our comprehensive and innovative full compliance solution.

La Fosse Associates

"IR35 Shield has enabled us to offer an added value service that we otherwise would not have been able to provide to our clients."

Katherine Miller

Head of legal and audit


"We are delighted to be working with IR35 Shield to help firms manage the risks associated with the new off-payroll reforms."

Paul Mason

Head of Tax Partnerships

Boss Professional Services

"A win all round."


BOSS Professional Services

Brownlee Dean

"IR35 Shield is both efficient and user-friendly, and it demonstrates reasonable care, providing us and our clients with the necessary assurance."

Pete Walker

Managing Director

Re:find Intermin and Executive Search

"I love the system. It's so easy to use."




"Having adopted IR35 Shield as our compliance solution, it’s essentially been business as usual for us. The administration involved is minor."

David Nottage

Talent Attraction & Acquisition Manager


"IR35 Shield helps minimise the pain of off-payroll compliance for our clients, while effectively mitigating the risk for all parties in the supply chain."

Kelly Futcher

Head of finance


"IR35 Shield is incredibly thorough compared to other tools."



Anderson Anderson & Brown

"IR35 Shield has enabled us to carry out accurate status assessments in bulk this has proven invaluable for our service offering."

Steven Fraser

Partner, global payroll & employment taxes

You can count on us

You don't have to do it alone. Master your IR35 compliance process easily with IR35 Shield's customer success team.

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Why companies large and small trust IR35 Shield

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The year we built and released the UK's first IR35 status tool.


Definitive IR35 status results. Inside or outside IR35, no indeterminates.


Over 20 years of experience at the cutting-edge of IR35.


Defence cost cover available with our Tax Investigation Service.

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