How does IR35 Shield help all parties in the supply chain?

Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield tells us how IR35 Shield helps all parties in the supply chain.

Central to everything we do is geared towards providing comprehensive, accurate and fair status assessments. We’ve been building our status assessment technology for over 10 years.

Accuracy is essential, which is why we built our tool based on the case law, which is incidentally underwritten by specialist tax insurers who also have 20 years experience in the IR35 market.

Speed is essential, because the last thing agencies and hirers want to do is wait days for assessments to be completed before they can sign paperwork with the contractor. Bottlenecks from the assessor risk losing the placement - as the saying goes, time kills deals.

Our comprehensive approach is driven by our experience of co-defending IR35 cases and inquiries. We work backwards, asking ourselves what we will need to defend each case in a tax tribunal - and our strategy is based around building a pre-emptive tax defence.

This is why the monitoring technology we have built is crucial to helping our clients. Whilst the status may be outside IR35, we want to ensure we have enough evidence so that any inquiries are shut down early, avoiding firms' reputation being dragged through a tax tribunal.

Everything we do is about making sure the process is fast, accurate and highly trusted.

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